Mary Baker Eddy lived in New England from 1821 to 1910. This website gathers into one place my efforts to better understand the 19th-century ideas that surrounded her during this time. On the list below you will see what I published on this topic between 2000 and 2015. On other pages you’ll find the text of these articles, a summary of what I’ve learned from them, news of their reception, and a helpful paper on Christian Science -- Eddy’s religious system. Although I have moved on to other aspects of this research, these articles continue to be cited, ten times in 2017 and 2018. Thus, I am keeping this website current. More recently, I have added several studies which have not been published. Feel free to contact me directly with comments and questions.

Studies Published to Date

(2015). review of Peter A. Wllner, Faith on Trial: Mary Baker Eddy, Christian Science, and the First Amendment (Concord, N.H.: Plaidswede Publishing, 2014) in Historical New Hampshire, 69(Summer), 77.

(2010). How Homeopathy Came to New Hampshire, 1840-1860.
Historical New Hampshire, 64(Spring), 27-37. READ FULL TEXT HERE

(2010). The Rise of 19th-century American Spiritualism, 1854 – 1873.
The Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 49(June), 361-373. READ ON-LINE or READ FULL TEXT HERE

(2009-2010). Samuel Barrett Stewart, the Essex Conference, and the Remaking of American Unitarianism, 1865-1892.
The Journal of Unitarian Universalist History XXXIII, 86-108. READ FULL TEXT HERE

(2008). How the Philosophy of Science changed Religion at Nineteenth-Century Harvard.
Zygon 43(3), 639-650. FIND ON-LINE or READ FULL TEXT HERE

(2005). Louis Agassiz and the Platonist Story of Creation at Harvard, 1795-1846.
Journal of the History of Ideas, 66(3), 437-449. FIND ON-LINE or READ FULL TEXT HERE

(2001). Locke—Stewart—Mill: philosophy of science at Dartmouth College, 1771-1854.
International Studies in the Philosophy of Science, 15(2), 167-175. FIND ON-LINE or READ FULL TEXT HERE

(2000), The “New Divinity” Movement and Its Impact on New Hampshire’s Town Churches, 1769-1849.
Historical New Hampshire, 55(1&2), 25-40. READ FULL TEXT HERE